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Crown Of The Empire: Around The World Collector's Edition - PC

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8floor Games presents a fun new follow-up to the first game in the series with Crown of the Empire: Around the World Collector's Edition!

Category: Time Management

Unlike her sister, Elena never dreamed of elegant weddings or luxurious clothes. Even as the chief maid-of-honor, she preferred exploring dark caves to mingling at elegant parties. But Elena is in for the adventure of a lifetime when the crown prince goes missing during a search and rescue mission for the queen's favorite corgi! And this time, she has reason to suspect foul play! Join Elena in her quest to find the missing prince through an alternate history version of the Victorian era in this exciting time management adventure!

  • Achievements
  • Music
  • Concept Art
  • Strategy Guide
  • 10 Bonus Levels
Crown Of The Empire: Around The World Collector's Edition
Adventure, Time Management
8floor Games
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