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Alice's Wonderland 3: Shackles of Time Collector's Edition - PC

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Big City Lab brings us the next amazing adventure in the Alice’s Wonderland series!

Category: Time Management

Our heroine Alice is at a crossroads. Adult life starts setting terms, and it's making one thing clear, there's no longer a place for child's play. Alice is reminded how wonderful it is to have a world of adventure and limitless fantasy she can escape to!

Meanwhile, Wonderland is experiencing a new threat when time comes to a standstill! It seems that the very thing Alice had wished for has happened in Wonderland! Characters you know and love are struggling with this new dynamic and Alice has a chance to see what it’s really like in a world without time.

Join old friends and meet new ones while exploring the uncharted corners of Wonderland! Will Alice find love and conquer time itself? There are still plenty of things for Alice to master in this incredible time management series!

  • 20 dynamic bonus levels
  • Two additional mini games
  • A variety of downloadable art work
  • Bonus quests with 4 new achievements
  • Integrated walkthrough
Alice's Wonderland 3: Shackles of Time Collector's Edition
Time Management, Minigames
Big City Lab LLC
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